“GRIPPING, SUPREMELY ENTERTAINING. A STORY YOU HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE. Fyre plays like a thriller.” - Taylor Antrim, Vogue

“COMPULSIVELY WATCHABLE. A fast-moving narrative that has the fascination of the bad traffic accident you just can’t turn away from. Documentary veteran Chris Smith does an expert job.” - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“ASTONISHING. Equally a time capsule, a dark comedy and a horror movie.” - Jason Newman, Rolling Stone

“A SMART, DEVASTATING PORTRAIT OF A SCAM. Insightful and damning, it’s a shrewd indictment of a dream gone spectacularly, criminally wrong.” - Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

“FOUR STARS. SHOCKING. Fyre allows you to marvel, and to feel – how spectacular the hubris, how gross the unfairness.” - Adrian Horton, The Guardian

“HILARIOUS” - Judy Berman, Time

“JAW-DROPPING” - Brian Tallerico, RogerEbert.com

“An elegantly constructed takedown, guaranteed to immerse viewers in a luxurious bath of schadenfreude.” - John Anderson, Wall Street Journal

“GLORIOUS, SALACIOUS DETAIL. Smith is a director with a razor-sharp point of view and eye for crafting a narrative that captures surprising, small moments of human foibles amid all the madness.” - Alex McLevy, AV Club


“IRRESISTIBLE” - Keith Ulich, The Hollywood Reporter

“A TENSE SLOW BURN with new consequences around every corner.” - Alison Foreman, Mashable